At the time Crisis ran 4 charity shops and cafés which had their own branding which was separate from the charities. Following the launch of the brand refresh and the opening of the 5th shop, this was a great opportunity for us to embed the new brand within it. Previously the charities messaging and branding wasn’t prominent in the retail environments which meant that customers weren’t really aware of who we were and what we did.


As I didn’t want to overload customers with Crisis brand messaging and branding, this was kept to a minimal. With Crisis’s brand and shop statements kept to a wall each. Within the store, the branding was applied to price tags, leaflets, shelf talkers any many other materials to get the brand across in more subtle ways. As Crisis runs a retail training programme for homeless people they help, the quotes of those that had completed the training were included on some of the materials. These were used as ‘hidden messages’.

With the opening of Crisis’s 6th and 7th shops, the branding was continued to them as well as being retrospectively applied to the previous 4 to make sure they were all consistent.

Photo credits – Sam Roberts and Mark Robertson.

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