Core Information Materials


Refresh Macmillan’s range of information materials to be in line with the brand identity.


Started by creating a clear cover design with the key information in the top third of the design so it can be instantly seen in racks. Introduced the brand photographic style and other brand assets to make the covers more engaging.

  • Macmillan icons
    Crisis impact report 2018
    Credit Crunchers
    Email Template Suite
    Adidas (Size? Store)
    Crisis shops
    Type Factory
    Derby & Derbyshire 2017 – Year of Culture
    Macmillan annual report overview
    Special Events guidelines
    Cortijo Los Malenos
    Volunteering York
    Crisis brand illustrations
    Macmillan Organiser
    Mac Voice
    Crisis brand icons
    Everybody In: How to end homelessness in Great Britain